When creativity asks no permission

CP + B is the agency in charge of creating the Wave Festival 2020 campaign; pieces highlight creative works that marked the world

Teresa Levin
2 de March de 2020 - 18h00

CP + B created the Wave Festival 2020 campaign (Credit: Disclosure)

Monalisa, 9th Symphony of Bethoven, Romeo and Juliet, 14-bis plane and The Origin of Species. Creations that strike the world on several fronts inspired the campaign created by CP+B to disseminate the 2020 Wave Festival. With the concept “Creativity asks no permission”, it gives prominence to the creativity that does not give voice to ordinary comments and has no respect for mediocrity or fear of making mistakes. The idea is to comprehend that whoever is innovative and creative simply does it without asking for permission.

With that in mind, great inventions in human history have inspired the pieces. With a good dash of humor, the images are always followed by uninspiring comments, conceived on the observations and criticisms that advertisers are used to listening to, when developing a campaign. In light of this, CP+B’s marketing action rolls out the concept of the campaign which reveals that creativity does not entertain such nonsense and will not ask for permission to move forward. The artwork involving the campaign that disseminates the Festival was developed by Coletivo Cavalo do Cão and features canvas paintings that represent innovations and their creators, playing with colors and textures.

Promoted by the Meio & Messagem Group, the 2020 Wave Festival will take place between May 27th and 29th, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Registrations for the Festival are already open.