Look back at all GPs from the 2019 Wave Festival

The cases "Tagwords", created by Africa for Budweiser and "Goalkeeper Distracted", created by Tech and Soul for Uber, were the most awarded in the edition

Renato Rogenski
2 de March de 2020 - 18h30

Sergio Gordilho (left), Monique Lopes (center) and Marcio Santoro (right) from Africa received the Media GP from Francisco Guarello (La Firma) at the Wave Festival 2019 (Credit: Eduardo Lopes)

Soccer and music are two passions which go beyond borders. Both served as a backdrop for the two most awarded campaigns in last year’s Wave Festival. Created by Africa for Budweiser, “Tagwords” won the Blue Wave and two Grand Prix, one in Media and the other one in Print & Publishing, in addition to two Golds in Direct and Outdoor. Developed by Tech and Soul for Uber, “Distracted Goalkeeper” was awarded the GP in Outdoor and Branded Content & Entertainment, in addition to a Gold in PR and another one in Brand Experience & Activation.

Both works have in common the ability to carry out an idea that uses aspects of popular culture to generate topic interest and conquer spontaneous media. Tagwords combines the historical synergy which Budweiser has with music, while using consumers’ technology and hyper-connection behavior to associate the brand with iconic moments. The campaign spread pieces of printed media and OOH throughout São Paulo, with words which encouraged consumers to perform a Google search and thus discover the relevance of the brand in this historical context.

The “Distracted Goalkeeper” campaign was performed live, during a soccer match between Athletico-PR and Atlético-MG during the 2018 Brazilian Soccer Championship. When the ball was about to roll, the goalkeeper Santos from Athletico, made an unexpected move: he looked at his mobile phone seconds before the match started, an odd atitude carried out by the person responsible for the safety of the team on the field and which could hinder his performance throughout the game. The topic quickly gained social media attention, debate forums on the web and spontaneous media in the most diverse outlets, before the agency, Uber and the soccer club revealed the truth: the incident’s objective was to bring public awareness to a safer traffic environment during the Yellow May month.

In 2019, only Digital Craft, Direct, Film Craft, PR, Radio & Audio and Social Change categories did not receive the Grand Prix award from the jury. Check out all the GPs below:

Blue Wave, Media and Print & Publishing – TagWords, from Africa for Budweiser

Branded Content & Entertainment and Outdoor – Distracted Goalkeeper – from Tech and Soul for Uber

Brand Experience & Activation – Accessibility mat – from GTB to Ford

Design – The Waste Measure – from Cheil Brasil for Greenpeople

Digital – Endless Stories – from AlmapBBDO for Getty Images

Film – The Endless Ad – from Wieden + Kennedy for P&G

Industry Craft – The 9’58 Biography – from BETC for Puma

Mobile – Grilled Ad – from David for Burger King

Social & Influencer – The Neymarless Sponsorship, da AlmapBBDO para a Gol