Wave Festival

Adiado para 2022

Radio / Bronze

Título: Captivity
Anunciante: Instituto Sea Shepherd Brasil

Diretor de criação: Jose Borghi

Produtor da agência: Marcia Coelho

Redator:: Agustin Acosta, Eduardo Ferraz, Juliano de Almeida

Produtora de som: Saxsofunny

Outros créditos: Diretor Geral de Criação: Jose Borghi, Diretora de Operações: Patricia Venturini, Maestro: Cezar Brandao

Sinopse: We hear a 6 year old child calling 911 and asking for help. She is being held captive in a very small area by a bad man. She’s scared and desperate to escape. The situation gets worse when the bad man shows up, beats her, andmakes her hang up the phone. Right at that moment, when we are terriblyworried about the girl, the V.O. reveals that the "person" being heldcaptive is actually a young Whale, named Shelly. He then asks if you are stillwilling to help her. It concludes by encouraging people to protect Marine Lifeby helping Sea Shepherd, the famous NGO.

Transcrição do spot: – 911 – … (crying) … Please, help me, help me… – Hello, sweetie…Stay calm…What is going on? – I need to get out of here… Help me, please… – I need youto calm down… I’ll help you…. First tell me your name and your age, ok? – Myname is Shelly, and I am 6 years old. – Shelly?… OK, honey… I’m right herewith you. I’m gonna help you through this, ok? …Where are you? – I’m here inthe square. – Are you trapped somewhere? … Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Diretor de Arte: Eduardo Salles, Tiago Moralles