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Adiado para 2022

Press / Prata

Título: 3 Pretty Playful Minutes – Pinball
Agência: La Comunidad
Anunciante: Tic Tac

Diretor de criação: Joaquín Mollá, José Mollá, Ramiro Raposo, Fernando Sosa, Sebastian Visco

Produtor da agência: Ramiro Capisto, Sebastian Garcia

Redator:: Yamila Marullo

Outros créditos: Sebastian Diaz,

Sinopse: Who hasn’t enjoyed the flavor of a Tic Tac? It’s a unique candy: you don’t chew it; you don’t bite it. It’s impossible to leave it alone in your mouth without rolling it around nonstop. We found out that it takes three minutes for a Tic Tac to dissolve and disappear, after rolling in it inside your mouth a million times. For three minutes, playing with a Tic Tac, this little candy feels like it’s on a roller coaster, in a pinball machine, at a skate park. We decided to illustrate those three situations in a modern and colorful way to communicate the fun sensation of having a Tic Tac in your mouth.

Designer: Murillo Viviurka Marcondes

Diretor de Arte: Carlos Quesquen Cortez