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Adiado para 2022

Outdoor / Ouro

Título: Scariest BK
Agência: DAVID
Anunciante: Burger King

Diretor de criação: Anselmo Ramos, Russell Dodson, Antony Kalathara

Produtor da agência: Veronica Beach, Carlos Torres

Redator:: Juan Javier Peña Plaza

Atendimento: Paulo Fogaça, Carmen Rodriguez, Rafael Giorgino, Barbara Karalis

Sinopse: On Halloween 2016, Burger King decided to scare its guests by dressing up a restaurant in NY as a McDonald’s, to land the fact that Burger King flame-grills its burgers as opposed to frying them.A giant ghostly sheet costume covered the entire Burger King restaurant, featuring the McDonald’s logo, yellow eyebrows resembling the golden arches and the Burger King logo revealed through the ghost’s eyeholes. The signature Whopper burgers were also in costume: custom-made clamshell boxes resembling thoses of the Big Mac. In a just few hours, the internet and the media took over, spreading the ideas like the fire Burger King uses to flame-grill its burgers, proving that there’s nothing scarier than a fried burger.

Diretor de Arte: Ricardo Casal