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Mobile / Bronze

Título: Yumit
Agência: Wunderman Bs As
Anunciante: Yumit Company

Diretor de criação: Executive Creative Director: Daniel Minaker/Sebastian Tarazaga/Jose Azanza Arias.

Produtor da agência: Laura Martinez

Redator:: Mauro Carpinacci

Produtora de som: Italians do it better

Outros créditos: Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires
Head of Creative Technology: Rodrigo Gorosterrazú
Head of Industrial Design: Santiago Salvarani
Copywriting: Darío Ventura
Head of Visual Designer: Sabrina Pintos
Head of User Experience Web: Gabriel Martín
Web Design: Lucas Zubeldía
Game Animation: Pablo Aranguren
Mobile App Design: Fernando Rossini
Head of Software: Francisco Facal
Web Development: Pablo Mendoza / Juan Manuel Guerrero
Game Design & Development: Javier Corra
Mobile App Development: Darío Zapata / Germán Depina / Pablo Codeiro
English Copywriting: Sean McAlister
Growth Strategy: Ernest Riba
Strategy Director: María Quinzio
Planner: Gabriela Trabanco
Head of PR & Communication: Daniela Tucci
Music & Sound FX: Italians do it better
Executive Producer: Fabián Zayat
Producer: Sebastián García Suárez
Contributor Company: Wolox

Sinopse: Yumit is an interactive children’s food plate that motivates kids to eat healthy by converting what they eat into virtual energy that can be used for upgrades on mobile games. The healthier the kids eat, the more virtual energy their favorite game character will gain.

How does it work?
The plate rests on a scale that measures each bite in real time. As children eat, the info is sent to the Yumit servers. In that way, when the child finishes eating, he can enjoy his games and learn about the benefits of eating healthy.

Yumit also has a mobile app for parents, which registers and analyzes children’s eating behavior. If something is missing from the food pyramid, it’s suggested through the games.

Designer: Santiago Salvarani/Sabrina Pintos

Diretor de Arte: Matias Lobo Leon

Produtora: Gloria Films

Diretor: Federico Gianotti

Diretor de Fotografia: Bill Nieto