Wave Festival

Adiado para 2022

Green Wave / Prata

Título: Lifesaver Backpack
Agência: J. Walter Thompson Colombia
Anunciante: Casa Luker

Diretor de criação: Diana Triana / Diego Contreras

Produtor da agência: Maria Medina / Andrea Hortua

Redator:: Camilo Mateus

Outros créditos: Rodolfo Borrell – CCO / Claudia Murillo – Directora Ejecutiva Creativa / Miguel Andres Norato – Director Ejecutivo Creativo / Andres Sanmartin – Director de cuenta / Juan Sebastian Sanchez Jimeenz – Director de Diseño Industrial / Catalina Velasquez Velandia – Directora de diseño de moda

Sinopse: Colombia is a country with hundreds of rivers that are used everyday by children in remote jungle communities to get to school, using precarious and unsafe means of transport, but the problem is that rivers are unpredictable and flash floods happen without warning. In the last years more than a thousand children drowned trying to get to school. Our Client Luki, a famous fruit snack that is always present in children’s lunch boxes and schools, asked us for an idea to help these children.

Diretor de Arte: Carolina Parra / Carlos Alberto Jimenez