Wave Festival

Adiado para 2022

Film / Prata

Título: Screens
Agência: Don
Anunciante: Presidencia de la nacion

Diretor de criação: Gabriel Huici / Papon Ricciarelli

Produtor da agência: Carlos Cavaciocchi / Karina Torres

Produtora de som: CCCI

Outros créditos: Redactor: Pedro Botello Director General: Santiago SarniDirectora de cuentas: Carolina Anelli Ejecutiva de cuentas: Lucía Garbolino

Sinopse: September 19 is National Day of the Deaf People. But this is a fact that almost nobody knows, its non-media exposure directly affects the dissemination of the rights of these people.That’s why that day we did something that had never been done. Inverted the screens in programming of the State’s channel , the most important channel of Argentina, broadcasting at different times on the main screen the sign language interpreter and the in the smaller picture below presenters, journalists, politicians, artists and athletes among many others.So we provided with voice to the voiceless and for the first time the media and millions of Argentines talked about the National Day of the Deaf and most importantly, their Rights.

Diretor de Arte: Diego Fernández Posada