Wave Festival

Adiado para 2022

Film / Bronze

Título: Rejected
Agência: We Believers
Anunciante: Pepsi / Burger King

Diretor de criação: Gustavo Lauria (CCO); Patricio Elfi (ECD); Santiago Luna Lupo (CD); Percy Bustos (CD)

Produtor da agência: Alejandro Falduti

Redator:: Santiago Luna Lupo, Gustavo Lauria

Atendimento: Jose Quijano, Juliana Patino, Juan Cano

Produtora de som: Noted Sound Design

Outros créditos: Music – Papamusic; Post/online- Casa Kiev; 3D Animation – Casa Kiev; Digital Acct Dire – Ana Lopez; Agency Coordinator – Lupita Alvarez

Sinopse: We collected testimonies of real people who were rejected at Coke and McDonald’s castings because they didn’t fit with the perfect advertising stereotypes.
Then we hired them all to participate in the event, making them feel accepted just the way they are. In the end, the question for everyone was: Why would you choose brands that wouldn’t choose you? Most viewed YouTube video in Argentina (During the month of the campaign): 11.2 Million Views
#Rejected Trending Topic. 81% Positive Brand Sentiment

Diretor de Arte: Patricio Elfi, Percy Bustos