Wave Festival

Adiado para 2022

Film / Bronze

Título: Places – Seniors
Agência: La Comunidad
Anunciante: Presidencia de la Nación

Diretor de criação: Joaquin Molla, Fernando Sosa, Ramiro Raposo,Rodrigo Greco, Mariano Gamba

Produtor da agência: Ramiro Capisto, Caro Cordini, Sole Pérez Veiga, German Lentini

Outros créditos: Sebastián Díaz, Oriana San Martín, Rosario San Martín

Sinopse: In Argentina, there are several tourist attractions that one must dare visit. They are incredible, adrenaline-filled places. That’s why they are the perfect locations to show just how much love there is in a young couple. In this commercial by the National Department of Tourism, we’ll see a young couple who, in order to prove their love, will challenge each other to go to the boldest, most spectacular places in the country. And those places will bring them together like no other.

Diretor de Arte: Fernando Sosa, Ramiro Raposo

Produtora: Primo

Diretor: Luisa Kracht

Diretor de Fotografia: Justin Henning