Wave Festival

Adiado para 2022

Film / GrandPrix

Agência: DAVID Buenos Aires
Anunciante: MACMA

Diretor de criação: Joaquín Cubria, Ignacio Ferioli

Produtor da agência: Brenda Morrison Fell, Felipe Calvino

Redator:: Ana Svarz

Produtora de som: PORTA Estudio

Outros créditos: Copywriter DAVID: Juan Pena / General Accounts’ Director DAVID: Emanuel Abeijon / Account Director: DAVID Lucila Castellani /Account Executive DAVID: Brenda Ranieri / Executive Producer LANDIA: Adrian D’Amario / Producer LANDIA: Thomas Amoedo / Music: Cluster

Sinopse: The campaign is based on a series of tutorial videos that each begin with a woman about to perform a breast self-exam. By the moment she takes of her shirt a man steps into frame and she “borrows” his breasts to avoid censorship and demonstrate this early detection technique clearly step by step.The content was initially published on Macma’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram channels. Local celebrities supported the campaign to extend the scope of the message organically.In a second stage, once the message had freely reached people, we developed a PR plan to start a global debate highlighting the need to clearly communicate how women should carry out a BSE uncensored, to support early breast cancer detection.

Diretor de Arte: Ricardo Casal

Produtora: LANDIA

Diretor de Fotografia: Nicolas Hardy