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Adiado para 2022

Film / Prata

Título: Converts – Don´t mess with the kids
Agência: Mercado McCann
Anunciante: TyC sports

Diretor de criação: Nicolas Ochoa/ Nicolas Massimino

Sinopse: A story of infidelity to the jersey.

A research made by the most popular sports channel in Argentina found that ¨4 out of 10 children follow a different team than their father¨. This problematic is truly traumatic for fathers in the 5 continents who are deeply affected by the fact.
TyCSports launched CONVERS.O.S. a campaign designed to make everyone talk about the matter that offers dads tools to foster their kids feelings and also invites them to follow the entire tournament, without ever skipping a game, next to their kids.
Visit for more information on the campaign.

Dictionary definition of ¨Convert¨: a person who has changed his religion, opinion, ideology, etc.

Diretor de Arte: Nicolas Ochoa

Produtora: Argentinacine

Diretor: Mariano Llinas