Wave Festival

Adiado para 2022

Film Craft / Ouro

Título: Fast Film
Agência: DDB Argentina
Anunciante: Volkswagen

Diretor de criação: Facundo Varela / Adrian Piattoni

Produtor da agência: Claudio Migliardo / Micaela Picco

Sinopse: We launched the new Golf GTI in a fast way.
A high-speed camera was placed inside the GTI.
A professional pilot drove it at high speed in parallel to a 100-meter
scenery full of actors and different settings, in one single shot.

The fast commercial resulted undetectable for
human eye and worked as a teaser on different media like TV, Cable, Theathers and YouTube pre-rolls. People could
watch the slow-motion version at

Diretor de Arte: Pablo Alvarez Mata

Produtora: Poster

Diretor: Seba Sanchez / Sebastian Caporelli