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Adiado para 2022

Direct / Bronze

Título: The Last Mask
Agência: J. Walter Thompson Colombia SAS
Anunciante: Fundación Natalia Ponce de Leon

Diretor de criação: Jaime Perea / Nicolas Acosta

Produtor da agência: Maria Medina

Fotógrafo:: Pablo Salgado / Camilo Ponce de Leon / Alejandra Quintero Sinisterra / Jorge Oviedo

Redator:: Andres Peña

Produtora de som: Alex Sanchez – Sonic Boom

Outros créditos: Rodolfo Borrell – Chief Creative Officer (J. Walter Thompson Colombia) / Claudia Murillo, Miguel Andres Norato – Executive Creative Director (J. Walter Thompson Colombia) / Ana Maria Tarazona, Fernando Chica – Producer (Rhayuela Films) / David Gallego – DP (Rhayuela Films) / Cesar Tinjacá – Agency Production (J. Walter Thompson Colombia) / Angelica Escruceria – VP Accounts (J. Walter Thompson Colombia) / Wilma Calderon – Directora (Mediatica) / German Olaya – General Director (Santachava) / Carlos Carbonel – Digital Creative Director (J. Walter Thompson Colombia) / Laura Nariño – Communitty Manager (J. Walter Thompson Colombia)

Sinopse: Colombia is the country with the highest number of acid attacks towards women, a reality that was invisible until March 27th, 2014 When a video of Natalia ponce been attacked was shown in all news channelsBut she didn´t became a victim, she became a fighter for victim’s rights, recognize by all for the mask she wears, Convincing congress to pass a law that gives 50 year sentence against aggressors. But, the attacks continued and the aggressors weren’t being pursued.Now she had to rally a country to make her fight theirs, pressuring government to commit to this law and health institutions to provide the right care.

Diretor de Arte: Claudia Castiblanco

Produtora: Rhayuela Films

Diretor: Jaime Osorio