Wave Festival

Adiado para 2022

Direct / Bronze

Título: Rest Billboard
Agência: McCann Lima
Anunciante: Sodimac Homecenter

Diretor de criação: Christian Caldwell / Mauricio Fernandez Maldonado

Produtor da agência: Carla Dextre

Redator:: Alvaro Soto

Outros créditos: Erick Galván / José Miguel Rivera

Sinopse: We turned a classic billboard in a useful element for society. We built at km 65 of the Pan-American Highway a long and empty road with not many places to stop, a billboard with parking spaces that simulated bedrooms, where drivers could stop to rest, drink some coffee and even had the opportunity to buy any item using their phones. A stop by for drivers to rest before continuing their journey and be able to arrive safely to their final destination. A billboard made by a Homecenter that instead of selling something for the house, becomes one when they need it most.

Designer: Kevin Contreras

Diretor de Arte: Kevin Contreras

Produtora: Saturno

Diretor: Alvaro Luque