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Adiado para 2022

Direct / Prata

Título: Magic Words – The Booth
Agência: Almap BBDO
Anunciante: HP

Diretor de criação: Luiz Sanches, Bruno Prosperi, Andre Gola, Benjamin Yung Jr., Marcelo Nog., Pernil, Luciana Haguiara

Produtor da agência: José Roberto, Anderson Teixeira, Liverson Costa Santos, Fred de Oliveira

Fotógrafo:: Gabriel Bianchini, José Cabaço, Ale Charro e Samuel Costa

Redator:: Daniel Oksenberg

Atendimento: Fernanda Costa

Produtora de som: Satelite Audio

Outros créditos: Creative Technologist: Renato Jun Okida

Sinopse: There are 13 million illiterate people in Brazil. These people have no way of passing their stories on to future generations. Many leave isolated cities with no access to phones, let alone cell phones or the Internet, in search of jobs in the big cities. The only way to keep in touch with their families is through letters. This situation gave rise to a service at bus stations – the “letter writers” who charge a fee to write missives for them. How could HP use the quality, efficiency, and technology of its printers to help make these people’s lives better?

Diretor de Arte: Luciano Lincoln

Produtora: The Goodfellas, Bando Studio

Diretor: Leandro HBL

Diretor de Fotografia: Vagner Jabour