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Adiado para 2022

Direct / Prata

Título: Endless Possibilities
Agência: Almap BBDO
Anunciante: Getty Images

Diretor de criação: Luiz Sanches, Bruno Prosperi, Andre Gola, Benjamin Yung Jr., Marcelo Nogueira, Pernil

Redator:: Daniel Oksenberg

Outros créditos: Vitor Fubü (Ilustrador)

Sinopse: With 80 million images, you can do practically anything. Now, if you consider the combinations that can be formed from them, the possibilities become infinite. To demonstrate the potential of combining all this variety, we reconstructed the most unique thing in the world: a human being. Not random people, but recognizable ones. And so, using thousands of noses, ears, eyes, mouths, eyebrows, and hairstyles from the Getty Images database, we recreated the famous faces of public figures from music, politics, and film, with the concept “Millions of images. Endless possibilities.”

Diretor de Arte: Andre Sallowicz

Produtora: The Goodfellas, Vetor Zero