Wave Festival

Design / Bronze

Título: Predators
Agência: ALMA DDB.
Anunciante: Kingsford

Outros créditos: Creative Chairman/CEO: Luis Miguel Messianu
Co-President/ Chief Creative Officer: Alvar Suñol
Creative Director/Art Director: Christian Liu
Creative Director/Copywriter: Jaume Rodriguez
Creative Director/Copywriter (on Cobra only): Juan Camilo Valdivieso
Sr. Print Production Manager/Producer: Mimi Cossio
Senior Group Business Director: Karla Kruger
Production Company/Director/Photographer/Illustrator: Garrigosa Studio

Sinopse: For US consumers, speed and convenience are a must in their daily lives. Especially when making BBQ, which is practically a religion or a national sport in America. So Kingsford® Match Light®, a charcoal that makes lighting quick and easy is prime for the American audience. Each briquet features the right amount of lighter fluid, so they can light their grill with just a match. With speed as the primary product benefit, we wanted to communicate the speed of the fastest predators alive: a cobra, a chameleon and an eagle.