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Design / GrandPrix

Título: Edible Six Pack Rings
Agência: We Believers
Anunciante: Saltwater Brewery

Diretor de criação: Gustavo Lauria (CCO), Patricio Elfi (ECD), Santiago Luna Lupo (CD)

Produtor da agência: Adriana Correa

Fotógrafo:: Nelson Cabrera

Redator:: Gustavo Lauria, Santiago Luna Lupo

Atendimento: Jochi Quijano, Juliana Patino

Produtora de som: Personal Music

Outros créditos: Product Dev. – Entelequia Sustainable Development; Head of Dev – Koji Joshina; Product Designer – Francisco Garcia; Editor: Diego Panich; Post/Online- Moving Forward; Music: Alexis Estiz, Luis Gomez

Sinopse: By using byproducts of the beer brewing process such as barley and wheat, this edible packaging goes beyond recycling to achieve zero waste and zero harm to wildlife. This is the first ever 100% biodegradable, compostable and edible packaging implemented in the beer industry. After numerous design rounds, variations in raw material mix and stress tests, we used five 3D printer generated molds to manufacture our first batch of 500 Edible Six Pack Rings just as strong as the harmful plastic rings.

We initiated manufacturing of our aluminum and inox steel machined mold to produce 400,000 Edible Six Pack Rings per month. Enough for current Saltwater Brewery demand. The material we are in the process of patenting together with a small startup of young engineers in Mexico has the potential to impact the CPG and Food and Beverage Industries and save hundreds of thousands of marine lives as a result.

Diretor de Arte: Patricio Elfi

Produtora: Cherry Sundae Media

Diretor: Nelson Cabrera