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Branded Content / Ouro

Título: #LoQueSoy Phase II
Agência: the community
Anunciante: Converse

Diretor de criação: Joaquin Molla, Jose Molla, Ricky Vior, Marcelo Padoca, Fernando Reis

Produtor da agência: Laurie Malaga, Andy Murillo

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Redator:: Lyndsey Stormer

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Outros créditos: Jeff Beck, Andy Amendola, Bernie Guzman Lopez, Daniel Gergely, Veronica Lincoln

Sinopse: To inspire a whole generation of new artists to avoid becoming the next generation of fast food managers, Converse created a campaign to celebrate and support who they really are. The campaign launched on International Labor Day, with a series of films showcasing the lives of three young artists who are struggling between their day jobs and their art. The campaign was amplified by an interactive Spotify music video, filmed by up-and-coming directors, inspired by young artists’ dead end jobs. The music video was accompanied by a Spotify playlist that gave unknown artists the chance to have their songs played all over Latin America. In a world so obsessed with celebrating results, we are celebrating the journey.

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Diretor de Arte: Juan Aguilar, Guilherme Nobrega 

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