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Adiado para 2022

Direct / Bronze

Título: The Last Emoji
Agência: ALMA DDB.
Anunciante: Sprint

Outros créditos: Creative Chairman, CEO: Luis Miguel Messianu
Chief Creative Officer, Co-President: Alvar Sunol
Creative Director: David Alvarez Rizo, Juan Camilo Valdivieso
Copywriter: Sheska Ocasio
Art Director: Suhey Saldarriaga
Group Account Director: Faustino Quiros
Consumer Connections Director: Jorge Mercado
Social Account Director: Herman Grabosky (M8)
Production Company: Landia
Executive Producer: Michelle Headley
Senior Producer: Ximena Aguirre
Sr. Print Production Manager: Mimi Cossio
Producer/Editor: Rick Morales
Communications Manager/PR: Tatiana Seijas
Media Placement: Magnacom Worldwide
Pubic Relations: Mugsy PR

Sinopse: We started in one of the busiest areas in the busiest city of Florida: Downtown Miami. The sculpture was installed in the business district where crowds of pedestrians and drivers would see the piece and could interact with it. To maximize the impact of the visual statement, we encouraged pedestrians to share – and live by – the “DN’T TXT & DRIVE” message by posting a picture or selfie with the sculpture using the hashtag #SprintDriveSafe. Social posts from Sprint featuring the emoji let users share the idea even if they couldn’t visit the sculpture in person. Sprint customers were also directed to download the Sprint Drive First app, which blocks texts and calls while driving over 10 mph. We reached out to local media for additional support and viewership to spread the word throughout Florida.