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Adiado para 2022

Social & Influencer / Prata

Título: Unprejudiced
Agência: We Believers
Anunciante: Burger King / Pepsi Argentina

Diretor de criação: Santiago Luna Lupo, Percy Bustos

Produtor da agência: Marcia Jaes

Redator:: Gustavo Lauria, Santiago Luna Lupo

Produtora de som: Papamusic

Outros créditos: Executive Creative Director: Patricio Elfi, Leo Prat; Head of Art: Diego Grandi; Editor: Federico Peretti; Color Correction Company: Chama Bleach Filmes; Colorist: Serginho Pasqualino;Post Production Company: Casa Kiev; Hypnotist: Ariel Altamar

Sinopse: UNPREJUDICED is a Pepsi & Burger King experience that engages consumers directly to their unconsciousness. An idea to demonstrate through hypnosis sessions that if Coke & McDonald´s consumers could only choose by the flavor, they would consider Whopper and Pepsi. First, using Social Media Listening tools we selected a group of competitors´ fans and we disconnected their conscious mind to remove their prejudices against our products. When they regained consciousness, they couldn’t believe they actually liked them. When we uploaded the 4-minute experience we had a massive amount of positive comments, but many people thought the experiment was FAKE. So, we invited everyone who criticized us on social media, to prove it was real for themselves during a LIVE hypnosis event at Burger King. Customers were able to participate in a LIVE hypnosis experiment, and the ones who couldn’t go were able to follow the event on Facebook Live.

Diretor de Arte: Patricio Elfi

Produtora: Primo

Diretor: Santi Dulce

Diretor de Fotografia: Pablo Iacovone