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Adiado para 2022

Mobile / Prata

Agência: Wunderman Bs As
Anunciante: Fundación Banco de Bosques

Diretor de criação: Sebastian Tarazaga / Dany Minaker

Produtor da agência: Laura Martinez

Redator:: Damian Martinez / Gaston Duran

Atendimento: Leonardo Ferrari

Produtora de som: CtrolZ

Outros créditos: Agencia: Wunderman Buenos Aires. Anunciante: Fundación Banco de Bosques.Directores Generales Creativos: Sebastian Tarazaga / Dany Minaker. Directores Creativos: Nicolas Smith / Damián Martinez.Head of Art: Fernando Rossini.Redactor: Gaston Durán.Director de arte: Matias Paglieri.Web & App Designer: Laura Alvez.3D Designer: Pablo Aranguren. Jefa de Producción: Laura Martínez.VP: Victoria Cole.Directora Grupo de Cuentas: Eliana Kaplan.Directora de Cuentas: Carolina Graziano.Ejecutivo de Cuentas: Leonardo Ferrari.Head of PR: Daniela Tucci.Director de Tecnología: Francisco Facal.Technology Manager: Diego Miola.Desarrollador Web: Pablo Mendoza, Javier Corra.Desarrollador Mobile: Gonzalo Rico, Gastón Schattenhofer, Santiago Rulfi.Project Manager: Bárbara Klurfan, Patricia Maidana.QA: Constanza Pascual, Walter Rios, Florencia Martinez Pelizza.Productora: Huinca Cine S.A.Director: Juan Manuel Montero.Productor ejecutivo: Diego Turdera.Productor: Alejandro Travaglini.Postproductor: Cristian Martino.Editor: Carla Muzykantski.Mezcla de Sonido: CtrolZ.Banda: Italians do it better. Sello Discográfico: Leader Music.Responsable por Cliente: Darío Rodriguez / Agostina Trigo.

Sinopse: BriefArgentina is one of the most deforested countries in the world. It’s estimated that has been lost 300,000 hectares of forest annually, putting the lives of thousands of species at risk. Banco de Bosques is a non-profit organization that fights against this issue by trying to stop it from continuing. In order to achieve that, it raises funds to help recover the forests, acre by acre. Although there are small groups of people that are aware of these issues, we must create awareness about the need to preserve the environment in the entire population and encourage them to be part of the solution without the need to have them put in a lot of effort.StrategyWe launched EcoAlarm on International Forest Day, a day in which people are more aware of the need to take care of the environment. EcoAlarm is an alarm clock app which plays sounds from nature via Spotify and generates money to help protect endangered forests and animals. We told the world about our new idea for donating money without actually spending a dime, and were able to make people from 63 countries to really identify with the cause and help save Argentine forests daily. We increased the user experience and made it possible for users to see which ecosystems they were helping to protect, and all of this in real time. We developed an interactive 3D web with a Low-Poly aesthetic, which is easy to look at and share, and did so through modern HTML5, WebGL (plus ThreeJS), and Web Audio API technologies.ExecutionWe delved into three endangered Argentina ecosystems: the Selva Misionera, the Impenetrable Chaqueño, and the Bosque Andino Patagónico. For two months, we captured hundreds of sounds from nature using strategically-placed microphones. Then, we had specialized sound technicians mix the collected audio and create 9 unique tracks which form part of the EcoAlarm album. Additionally, along with the Leader Music record label, the album was registered and debuted on Spotify. This way, Banco de Bosques is sure to raise money each time a song is played, just as an artist would. ResultsThe idea went global and people from 63 different countries downloaded the app to help protect the argentine forests. The impact of the campaign guaranteed the conservation of 776 endangered species inside the three major forests zones Banco de Bosques Foundation protects. In other words, together with the users we managed to protect 30% of the 2400 species living in Argentina today.

Designer: Laura Alvez


Diretor de Arte: Nicolas Smith / Fernando Rossini / Matias Paglieri

Produtora: Huinca Cine

Diretor: Juan Manuel Montero