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Digital Craft / Ouro

Título: next. design and launch of the reinvention of the banking experience.
Anunciante: Banco Bradesco S.A.

Diretor de criação: Fabiano Coura, Saulo Rodrigues, Carlos Fonseca

Produtor da agência: Flaviano Guerra, Rhaissa Victor, Amanda Zambrana, Ismael Pereira, Andre Mansano, Rafael Mansano, Celso Candido, Saulo Fusari

Redator:: Tom Vouga, Cassiano Leonelli, Maurício Bina, Thais Boaventura, Luiza Sá, André Atassio

Atendimento: Tatiana Hawthorne, Juliana Nascimento, Lilly Matão, Luana Lopes

Outros créditos: VP Technology and Production:Edson Sueyoshi/Associate Creative Director:Ilan Orangel, Daniel Ottoni/Experience Design:Tiago Franco, Julian Gonc

Sinopse: Banks are the only category of services that probably will be part of your whole life. It’s that important, but the high potential group of digital natives (30% of the economically active population in Brazil) sees it as a necessary evil. Digital natives feels banks are reactive, confusing and don’t really help them to achieve more in life, which would probably be the number one reason for their existence. The opportunity was to reinvent the bank for the Digital Age, creating an entirely new mobile only bank that seamlessly integrates into the millennials lifestyles to combat their indifferent attitude. ‘next’ was entirely designed around the “Make it Happen” brand ideia. To deliver this purpose, ‘next’ offers a pro-active bank experience designed to help customers to do more with their money. It’s a customer centric – not transaction centered – full banking service that uses data to inform better individual financial decisions.

Designer: Wagner Veloso, Bruno Reis, Patricia Belo, Leonardo Francisconi, Maurício Gomes, Patricia Mo, Vitor Gurgel, Alex Moers, Italo Bertolacci, Vitor Andrade


Diretor de Arte: Vicente Silva, Virgilio Silva, Cesar Marchetti