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Título: Absolut Art Resistance
Agência: LiveAD
Anunciante: Pernod Ricard Brazil

Diretor de criação: Mauro Silva, Pedro Perurena, Felipe Drummond, Isabella Pipitone

Redator:: Caio Scaranari, Will Viscaino, Felipe Hohagen

Sinopse: BACKGROUNDHistorically, Absolut always partnered with artists that were ahead of their time and had a strong importance in movements of women’s rights, LGBT rights, and progressivist causes, such as Keith Haring, Joyce Tenneson, Andy Warhol, Chevelle Moore, among others. In 2017, the brand saw that their image as a connector of progress in society and their artistic presence was fading, as the general public perceived Absolut basically as another brand of premium vodka. So they came to us with the challenge of creating a campaign that would place Absolut as a brand that drove progress and stood by important causes of our present time through art. What they wanted was a campaign that would respond to all of that while bringing visibility and relevance to the brand, generating a closer identification with brand ambassadors. CULTURAL CONTEXTBrazil is the country where the most transgender people are killed each year. On average, one trans person is killed every 48 hours (source: Transgender Europe). This alarming violence happens inside a context where trans people are completely marginalized and basically not seen by the mainstream society, given that mass media rarely addresses this problem, so very few people talk about it. Along with this, in 2017 Brazil was facing a massive wave of art censorship, coming from far right groups that were using all means to shut down LGBT art exhibitions. The scenario was tough for everyone fighting for progressivist causes and a specially for those fighting for better society where all genders had the right to live in peace.CREATIVE IDEIAAbsolut Art Resistance is a project to fight transphobia using Brazil’s art censorship wave as an opportunity to spark debate around intolerance. In partnership with powerful voices inside the artistic trans community, we released the original track “ABSOLUTAS” and an exclusive music video, along with a 160 foot mural in the biggest open art gallery of Latin America, providing a massive platform to amplify these unheard voices. We knew far right groups would probably go against our campaign, so we knew we were going to face haters. But we also knew the LGBT movement had a strong voice and could come along to support the cause. We launched the campaign opening a huge debate about gender, coexistence, and respect, bringing light to the struggle faced by the transgender community to exist.All of that gave a lot of visibility to those who otherwise wouldn’t have a voice

Diretor de Arte: Daniel Achucarro, Roge, Daniel Achucarro, Rogério Castro, Giulia Ferrarezzi