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Design / Prata

Título: The Curious Cat Book
Categoria: A04. Publications & Editorial Design
Agência: Almap BBDO
Anunciante: Mars Pet

Sinopse: .

Sinopse em inglês: The Curious Cat Book project was created from a specific direct briefing. Whiskas has been working its tagline “Feed their Curiosity” for 2 years and wanted to reach social influencers with a direct marketing action. The idea was to develope the first book to be enjoyed by cats.
Whiskas’ communication platform, “Curious Cat Chronicles”, features real stories that celebrate cat’s curiosity and inspire people. This year’s challenge was to find a surprising way to do that as a direct marketing action to influencers and strategic partners.


Informações adicionais: .

Informações adicionais em inglês: The first edition of “The Most Curious Cat in The World” was a limited one. Only selected people received it. The book was sent in first hand for the most popular social influencer regarding cats in Latin America: @canseidesergato, with over 1 million fans on Facebook and 350 thousand followers on Instagram. Soon after, other influencers and strategic partners got the book. While the general public had no access to the book, an audiobook version was available on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music for everyone’s cats to experience it.

Sentimental Filme: Produtora de Imagem

PUNCH Áudio: Produtora de Áudio

Executive Creative Director: Bruno Prosperi

Creative Director: Andre Gola, Keka Morelle, Marcelo Nogueira, Pernil

Art Director: Daniel Chagas Martins

Copywriter: Daniel Oksenberg

Sound Producer: Cristiano Pinheiro

Illustrator: Daniel Chagas Martins