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Título: #WTFRonaldo
Categoria: C03. Use of Celebrity, Influencers & Key Opinion Leaders
Agência: Almap BBDO
Anunciante: Mars

Sinopse: O principal objetivo da campanha foi enganar a mídia por meio de uma ação de guerrilla e impulsionar o lançamento da primeira campanha de Snickers para a Copa do Mundo (mesmo não sendo um patrocinador).

Sinopse em inglês: The whole point of the campaign was to fool the media through a guerrilla stunt to leverage the launch of Snickers’ first World Cup campaign (without being a sponsor).


A situação: Snickers is not an official World Cup sponsor. Even so, it wanted to use the event, and the sport itself, to increase its sales and brand affinity. But FIFA is really strict about brands taking advantage of its main event.

O objetivo: The concept “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry” is widely known, but rarely executed in real life. And never at a live event.
And that’s what we did – we put a big Brazilian celebrity, the former World Cup champion, Ronaldo, to cheer on Brazil’s most hated rival, Argentina, at a pre-World Cup friendly match. We would only reveal that it was a stunt when the mass media campaign got launched 24 hours later.

A estratégia: First we warmed up the subject, by making Ronaldo post some sympathetic post about Argentina’s team and players. Then we tookhim to the stadium in a privileged spot, right in front of the photographers, wearing a Argentina scarf and cheering for Argentina (Eventhough they lost 6-1, tough luck). On the same day that Brazil was playing Germany. Of course the media caught him. Of course social media went crazy. Of course the Brazilians went to Ronaldo’s Instagram looking for blood. And he had to stay social-media quiet for 24 hours, enduring a lot of insults, to then reveal personally that it was all a campaign. Launching a branded film through his personal account.

Execução: Ronaldo posted a few times, clearly sympathizing with Brazil’s most hated rival: Argentina. Then he went to an Argentina match, on the same day of a Brazil-Germany match. The media caught him and social media went crazy. Then he kept silent on social media for 24 hours, before launching a brand film, where he cheered for for Argentina until a friend gave him a Snickers, making him regret his actions immediately. It was the first time that a brand launched a whole campaign through a personal Instagram account.

Resultados documentados: The stunt was featured in more than 265 media outlets around the world. The hashtag #wtfronaldo became a trending topic in Brazil, on a day that Brazil was playing Germany for the first time since its 7-1 loss, and Argentina lost to Spain by 6-1. The earned media was about 10 times the initial media investment and impacted more than 60 million people.

Sentimental Filme: Produtora de Imagem

Raw Áudio: Produtora de Áudio

Executive Creative Director: Bruno Prosperi

Creative Director: Andre Gola, Keka Morelle, Marcelo Nogueira, Pernil

Art Director: Henrique Del Lama

Copywriter: Fernando Duarte

Director: Marcello Lima

Maestro: Hilton Raw

Marketing Manager: Fernanda Berti