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Branded Content / Ouro

Título: Episode Leak
Agência: ALMA DDB.
Anunciante: Netflix

Diretor de criação: Iu la Lueta

Produtor da agência: Jorge Espinosa, Rick Morales

Redator:: Beatriz Torres Marin

Atendimento: Cristina Lage

Outros créditos: CEO, Creative Chairman: Luis Miguel Messianu; Chief Creative Officer, Co-President: Alvar Suñol; VP of Digital: Michael Sotelo; Director, Digital Strategy: Carly Sutherland; Digital Content Creator: Samantha Lemoine

Sinopse: To tease Narcos S2, we decided to treat fans with an unexpected surprise. A couple of days before the launch date, we showed them a meta preview from the first episode of the new season on Facebook Live. They were so excited until they got to minute 11, when they found out that we had tricked them

Diretor de Arte: Luis Aguilera