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Título: The Alphabet of Summer
Categoria: A05. Consumer Durables
Agência: AlmapBBDO
Anunciante: Alpargatas

Sinopse: .

Sinopse em inglês: Every year, Havaianas, the original Brazilian sandals brand, puts out a global campaign that reinforces its Brazilian essence and presents the main characteristics of its products.
Havaianas are sold across the world. And translating campaigns into each of the languages of each of the countries where they’re sold takes forever and costs a fortune. Here to fix that is a campaign where each piece is a letter of the alphabet, representing one of the characteristics of Brazilian summer. For example: E for Energy, M for Music, O for Original, etc. When you put them side by side, each country can form words in their own language, whenever they need to.


Informações adicionais: .

Informações adicionais em inglês: The campaign font is unique, made out of countless tiny colorful elements of Brazilian summer which lend each letter even more meaning. In the static pieces, the elements simply compose the larger letter. In the rest of the work, the elements take on a life of their own and move around within the whole, providing an even better representation of Brazilian rhythm.

Executive Creative Director: Bruno Prosperi

Creative Director: Andre Gola, Keka Morelle, Marcelo Nogueira, Pernil

Art Director: Pedro Reis, Daniel Chagas Martins, Vitor Rolim

Copywriter: Rafael de Miranda, Daniel Oksenberg, Pedro Corbett