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Título: Dirnk Repsnosilby
Categoria: A14. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image
Agência: SunsetDDB
Anunciante: AmBev

Sinopse: Beer brands of Ambev Brewery, an AB InBev company, scramble up their names to spread a message about smart drinking.

Budweiser, Stella Artois, Skol, Brahma and other brands unite in unprecedented action for consumers’ awareness of drinking and driving.

For the first time in history, Ambev Brewery, the Brazilian affiliate of Anheuser-Busch InBev, brought together all of its beer brands to spread a message in favor of smart drinking. The newly launched campaign invites consumers to reflect and make smart choices after the consumption of alcohol, such as never driving. In a fun mood, the ads show the beer logos with their letters slightly scrambled around, provoking the thought that sometimes when you drink things seem to be in order at a first glance, but in reality they’re not.
Created by SunsetDDB with national coverage, the campaign was launched last sunday, April 28, before and during the broadcast of the first round of Campeonato Brasileiro (the national brazilian football championship). Without further explanation, the traditional inserts of Brahma, one of Brazil’s most popular beers, were changed to “Bhamra”.
The goal was to cause surprise among those watching the game, and start speculation on why the logos were switched. At the same time, other Ambev brands such as Budweiser, Stella Artois, Skol and Antarctica changed their social media profile picture sand covers on social media by logos with changed letters, raising questions among their followers. The true reason behind the whole stunt was revealed the following day, through popular social media channels, print, PR and OOH media.
“We want to invite people who drink beer to reflect: just as we think the logos are in order at first, and then realize that they are not, there are times when people drink and think everything is in order to drive, when in fact it is not. It’s natural over the years that smart drinking campaigns, like all others, need to be reinvented in order to capture attention and create real change in behavior. Therefore, we thought it was time to go one step further and use the strength of all our main brands for a single purpose: to warn that alcohol consumption should never be associated with driving”, commented Ambev marketing director Alexandre Costa.

Sinopse em inglês: The “Dirnk Repsnosilby” campaign brief was created to spread a powerful social responsibility message to impact the public about the risks and consequences of drinking and driving.

So we needed to talk specifically to a young-adult audience who attends parties and social events in the entertainment and sports universe. Therefore, the media channels and the strategically selected influencers were fundamental to determine the success of the campaign and the reach of our message.

Besides that, we answered thousands of social media comments one-to-one to reveal our message to people that were in doubt during the first phase of the campaign.
Alcohol abuse is a very serious health problem in Brazil. With more than 100.000 deaths by car accidents every year, with drunk driving being the second biggest cause of these fatalities.

As the largest brewery in the world, social and corporate responsibility is in Ambev’s DNA.

For more than a decade, Ambev organizes initiatives to defend responsible drinking practices. It participates in discussions of the World Health Organization (WHO) on the effects of inappropriate consumption of alcoholic beverages and several other initiatives to raise public awareness about the risks of irresponsible drinking.

The campaign brief was to create a non-product based powerful social responsibility message to impact the public about the risks and consequences of drinking and driving.

The campaign would also collaborate to the “Yellow May” movement: a month dedicated to draw the attention to the high rate of deaths and injuries in traffic around the world.


Informações adicionais: The campaign is based on an insight that’s also an universal truth about alcohol: sometimes you drink and everything seems to in order. But it’s not.

So we used a unique design technique that works on a similar way as when people drink. It deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteers be at the rghit pclae.

At first glance, our brain can still understand it. Only when reading more carefully, you can notice the spelling mistake.

With this technique, we came up with a simple and powerful visual craftmanship. We scrambled the letters of the logos of the world’s most famous beers. At first, people couldn’t notice the difference. But with a closer look at our labels, they could tell something had changed and relate to the dangers of drinking and driving.
We started the campaign by changing the beers themselves. A re-designed special edition made to provoke the attention trough the error on the labels.
On the first phase of the campaign (provocation), we distributed the special edition to dozens of bars. The labels were also displayed in TV appearances, magazines, newspapers, influencers, social media formats and OOH. We didn’t tell anyone about the change.
On the second phase (interaction), thousands of people noticed the “errors” and shared it on social networks. More than 200.000 mentions in the first 24 hours.
After 24 hours, we revealed our awareness message on the third phase (revelation). We answered thousands of people one-to-one on social media and used a multimedia strategy to reach as many platforms possible.
On the fourth phase (reactions), thousands of people, news channels and influencers talked about the campaign. This time, they understood the idea and complimented the initiative.
In the opening game of the biggest football championship in the country, all TV inserts of the beer Brahma were changed to “Bhamra”, without explanations. People blamed the TV broadcaster and Ambev for the “mistake”.

Then, influencers (sports commentators, humorists, celebrities and musicians) echoed the error and shared other images of different beers with their wrong labels that they had seen in bars, OOH and POP.

At the same time, we exchanged the bottles in dozens of bars to capture spontaneous reactions. The idea went straight to the hands of hundreds of consumers in POP.

Informações adicionais em inglês: The campaign is based on an universal truth about alcohol: sometimes you drink a few beers and everything seems to be in order. You even think you’re okay to drive, for example. But you’re not.

That behavior contributes to more than 100.000 victims by car accidents every year in Brazil. Even with a zero alcohol tolerance law for drivers in the country.

Other insight is that people love to point out and share the mistakes of others in social networks. So the “wrong” logos without explanation in the “provocation” phase were the perfect bait to generate conversation and then make our point: sometimes you drink and everything appears to be in order. But it’s not.

The campaign message makes people rethink their social behavior and old bad habits with a simple yet powerful message that promotes personal care.

The “Dirnk Repsnosilby” campaign was spontaneously picked up by the main media channels in the country, such as Ads of the World,, Exame Magazine, UOL Portal and many others. It also gathered other impressive results: – 619.000 interactions in the first 48 hours – Google search increased 1550% in just 24 hours – Engagement was an incredible 15.6% – 157 million impressions

CEO: Guto Cappio

Copresident: Ligia Vulcano

CCO: Guilherme Jahara

Creative Director: Marcio Juniot

Creative: Guilherme Jahara, Marcio Juniot, Xan Arakawa, Maicon Pinheiro, Alexandre Freire, Mariana Manso, Guto Cappio

VP of Marketing: Ricardo Dias

Marketing Director: Alexandre Costa

Marketing Manager: Bruno Rigonatti

Account Director: Bianca Bizello

Account Executive: Janaina Venhasque

Media Manager: Henrique Bragion de Oliveira

Media Supervisor: Felipe Duarte

Social Media and Content Director: Inaiara Florencio

Community Manager: Gabriel Nogueira, Felipe Casas, Evelyn Gonçalves, Carol Lima

Head of Production: Patricia Benetti

Agency Producer: Rodrigo Luchini, Tati Medeiros

Art Buyer: Alessandra Anazario

Editor: German Espiaut