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Título: How old are you?
Categoria: A06. Online: Non-fiction
Agência: Almap BBDO
Anunciante: Pepsico

Sinopse: .

Sinopse em inglês: We assembled a group of real people and took them to take some medical exams. After that, we challenged them to organize themselves in a line from the youngest to the oldest, without asking each other’s ages. Finally, we corrected a few suprising mistakes, revealing the right order, not according to their official age, but the order of their internal age based on the data of their exams.


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Informações adicionais em inglês: Quaker wanted to make their biggest campaign for Latin America, after years outside the media. The main goal was to communicate how important nutritional food is the live a healthy life. It doesn’t where you are from, how old you are or how much money do you have, Quaker Oats to represent the kind of food people should be having to live their full potential. The challenge was to communicate this message to different countries, cultures and languages in the region.

Produtora de Imagem: BANDO Studio

Produtora de Áudio: Satélite Áudio

Executive Creative Director: Bruno Prosperi

Creative Director: Keka Morelle, Marcelo Nogueira

Art Director: Daniel Chagas Martins

Copywriter: Daniel Oksenberg

Director: Leandro HBL

Sound Producer: Kito Siqueira, Roberto Coelho