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Título: Tech Girls – Dumb Inventions (Chicken, Double Bike and Hat)
Agência: Isobar Brasil
Anunciante: Samsung

Diretor de criação: Andrea Siqueira e Douglas Kozonoe

Redator:: Airton Dias e Felipe Araujo

Outros créditos: Connections Strategy: Camila Lima, Daniela Altenfelder, Audience Strategy: Bruna Bosco, Negócios: Carol Escorel e Camila Alvarenga

Sinopse: Samsung believes that human potential, allied to technology, are powerful ingredients to break barriers in our society. In Brazil, Samsung is still perceived as a tech-only brand – distanced from their audience. We needed an idea that heightened the human ingredient in its main narrative. Samsung Tech Girls is a documentary series about women’s potential to surpass misogyny in the fields of science, games and technology. To promote Tech Girls we raised the issue of gender diferences, showing real male’s approved patents in comparison to great female ideas and inventions whose aprovement was denyed.

Diretor de Arte: Raphael Brites e Camila Rocha