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Título: The Sweat Sponsorship
Anunciante: Unilever

Diretor de criação: Guilherme Jahara, Rodrigo Senra

Produtor da agência: Iara Demartini

Fotógrafo:: Moreno Gonçalves, Rodrigo Gazzanel (Corinthians Agency) andRodrigo Coca (Corinthians Agency)

Redator:: Armando Araújo

Produtora de som: CANJA

Outros créditos: Content: Laila Bergamasco, Rafael Cappi and Jéssica GreccoGraphic Production: Jorge GaglioniCBO: Juliana Nascimento – CSO: Renata d’ÁvilaPlanning: Maria Fernanda Haddad, Uli Oliveira and Caio Moraes Media: Carolina Buzetto, Gabriela Sutherland, Roberta Barreto, DanielyAlves and Caio CezarLowe Media: Erika Cabral, Daniela Heredia, Roberta Pedro, André Goes,Rivalayne Almeida, Rodrigo Saviano and Joice Cruz Marketing/PR: Mônica Gelbecke and Janaina LangsdorffRetouch: Márcio LimaFinal Artwork: Elton Santos and Ricardo MartinelliProofreading: Eliane Arakaki and Renata GarciaGraphics: Croma and LogomarcaBI: Amanda Gasperini and Leticia Milão – Motion Designer: Wesley Martins Screen Direction: Renato RochaExecutive Producer: Renato Rocha and Ailton AlmeidaMonster Films Client Service: Ailton Almeida, Cibeli Rizzi and Thomaz SantosPost-production: Hector HasegawaLead Motion: Bruno DantasMotion Designer: Akauan Bassichetti and Isaque SprógisEditing: Hector Hasegawa and Tiago CarezzatoClient Approval: Enzo Devoto, Giovanna B Gomes and Mariana MentoniPachecoCorinthians Approval: Bruna Maciel HajAccount Management: Ana Flor and Guilherme MorenoSound Director: Lucas Sfair and Filipe ResendeAudio Production: Levi Mynssen, Eduardo Karas, Leonardo Lima, PedroSouza and Pedro Osinski

Diretor de Arte: André Batista, Sérgio Klemtz

Produtora: Monster Films

Diretor: Renato Rocha

A situação:: OMO is the biggest laundry detergent brand in the world. In Brazil, for thelast 60 years, it has been a pioneer in washing and removing stains fromclothes. And the reason for that is quite simple: the brand has neverstopped evolving.Recently, OMO launched OMO Sports, a product with an exclusiveformula that removes even sweat odor from clothes.Made specifically for athletes, our main challenge was to connect OMOSports to this territory not yet explored by the category.In order to do so, the brand needed an impactful and innovative marketingcommunication entirely associated with the sports universe. Our goal wasto reach the engagement and awareness results necessary to launch andposition a new product.

O objetivo:: On April 15, 2018, Sport Club Corinthians made its debut in the biggestfootball competition in Latin America.OMO Sports joined the team on the field in a completely unexpected way:a brand sponsorship that was revealed on the jersey of the playersthrough their sweat.In other words, a new product that removes sweat odor from clothes usedevery drop of the athletes’ sweat to make an impression, and becomevisible on the Corinthians jersey, revealing its arrival to the public. At thestadium, on TV and social networks.After all, if there is sweat, there has to be OMO Sports.

A estratégia:: According to IBOPE, the most important research institute in Brazil,football is a national passion: 82% of men and 72% of women picked thesport when asked «What things are Brazilians most passionate about?».In the marketing territory, brands love football. Because of the highnumber of stadium-goers and viewers on broadcast television and cable,there are millions of people being impacted per game.So, we chose the premiere of the biggest football championship in LatinAmerica for our action.Much more than that: we invited the current football champion to be partof it. Besides being one of the biggest clubs of Brazil, Corinthians has thesupport of almost 40 million fans.And on game day, we created an amplifying strategy with socialinfluencers.But first, we had an innovative idea!

Execução:: The execution of the idea had some steps: negotiation for thesponsorship space on the jersey of a big football team, tests withhydrochromic ink, and an amplifying action plan in the press and onsocial media.For 2 months, we tested the application of the ink on the OMO Sportslogo.Then, we went to the field and ran some tests during Corinthianspractices. The local press reported the breaking news of the surprisesponsorship, providing the action with lots of spontaneous media daysbefore the official game. After all, nobody knew the true identity of theclub’s new sponsor.For the information not to leak, we developed a «game plan» that was putinto action during the match: we sent a release to the press, activated 10macro-influencers’ profiles, aired an amplifying campaign, and replied tocomments on social networks.

Resultados documentados:: Results:Total of 115 million impacts.More than US$ 15 million in earned media.Total of 28,000 related searches on Google.Approximately 18 million views on live TV.Over 30,000 people watched live at the stadium.Almost 2,500 tweets during the game.80% of the spontaneous mentions were positive.