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Título: Chocolate Whopper
Agência: DAVID
Anunciante: Burger King

Diretor de criação: Rafael Donato, Edgard Gianesi

Produtor da agência: Fabiano Beraldo, Octavio Luna, Fernanda Peixoto

Redator:: Marcelo Florentino, Dan Flora

Atendimento: Carolina Vieira, Stephanie Clark, Natalie Burstyn, Rafael Giorgino,Roberta Magalhães, Gustavo Appendino

Sinopse: Em 2018, o Domingo de Páscoa e Primeiro de Abril cairam na mesma. Burger King veiculou comunicação apresentando um novo produto: uma versão do seu mais icônico sanduiche, feita totalmente a base de chocolate. Com tamanho appetite-appeal, as pessoas ficaram com enorme expectativa. Mas para surpresa, alguns dias mais tarde a marca revelou que era uma brincadeira de Primeiro de Abril. O desejo dos consumidores foi tão grande que muitos começaram a criar suas próprias versões do produto e postar imagens na internet. O que era Fake News virou Real News.

Diretor de Arte: Diogo Mendonça, Fabio Natan

Produtora: MacGuffin Films

Diretor: Kevan Bean

Diretor de Fotografia: Kevan Bean

A situação:: April Fools jokes are commonplace for brands like Burger King. But this year, when Easter and April Fools fell on the same day (April 1st) Burger King saw an opportunity to create an epic idea to celebrate this moment, doing something so delicious that would be bigger than just a prank. We wanted to create something that would truly mess with people’s desire and stand out from all the other April’s Fool pranks that other brands would make.

O objetivo:: the main objetive of this campaing was to engage consumers in a conversation about the launch – or not – of a new product from Burger King. We wanted to crete the doubt. to make people feel excited about the possible news, whitut knowing if that was true or not. And that was made in more tht 25 countries at thesame time.

A estratégia:: The strategy was launch a fake product, the Chocolate Whopper, taking advantage of the fact that Easter and April Fools fell on the same day. We assembled an expert team of culinarists to develop the recipe so that ingredient made sense and the final product was a believable «translation» of the iconic Whopper sandwich. We shot a beautiful product demo and released it on Social Media and in 25 countries around the globe, so there would be guaranteed buzz around the idea. Also, we did not reveal wether it was real or not, to intentionally cause confusion. Also a few real versions of the Chocolate Whopper were delivered to daytime TV shows to get maximum attention.

Execução:: We made a full Chocolate Whopper product demo, showing all the Chocolate Whopper ingredients (chocolate cake bun, flame-grilled chocolate patty, raspberry syrup, white chocolate rings, candied blood oranges, milk chocolate leaves and vanilla frosting) and posted on Youtube and Facebok two days before April’s Fool for more than 22 countries. A the end of the video the message was dubious: «Coming soon… maybe» to intentionally cause confusion. Only on April’s 1st we revealed that the Chocolate Whopper would never be an actua product. Still the reaction from people and news was positive and immediate

Resultados documentados:: 3.1 billion global impressions.18 million dollars in earned media.22 countries participating. Over 30MM views in three days.More mentions for Burger King than the top 5 Chocolate brands for the same period (Easter)Dozens of homemade Chocolate Whoppers, turning a fake news into real news. Millions of people left only with the desire to prove the Chocolate Whopper.