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Aplazado hasta 2022

/ Bronze

Título: Jack
Agência: Almap BBDO
Anunciante: Getty Images

Diretor de criação: Luiz Sanches, Bruno Prosperi, Andre Gola, Benjamin Yung Jr., Marcelo Nogueira, Pernil

Redator:: Pedro Corbett, Zé Baldin

Sinopse: The film follows a day in the life of Jack, who has two kids and a pet. He and his wife go to work, pick up their kids at school, and enjoy an evening together. But in order to show that Getty Images has an amazing variety of images and videos, we tell the same story multiple times, each time showing Jack as a different kind of being: a man, a vampire, a kangaroo, etc. And the story always makes sense.

Diretor de Arte: Keka Morelle, Heitor Buchall