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Título: Safe Cap
Agência: GTB Brasil
Anunciante: Ford Motor Company

Diretor de criação: Vico Benevides / Rodrigo Strozenberg

Redator:: Thiago Lins

Produtora de som: Antfood

Outros créditos: Head Digital and Innovation: Icaro de Abreu

Sinopse: SafeCap, o boné criado para alertar quando o caminhoneiro dorme ao volante.A ideia consiste em um boné que, através de um software com um acelelômetro e um giroscópio, consegue identificar os movimentos de sono do caminhoneiro e o alertar com som, luz e vibração.

Diretor de Arte: Fernando Lyra

Produtora: PBA

Diretor: Nixon Freire

Sinopse em Inglês: Falling asleep at the wheel is a major danger for motorists, and a leading cause of accidents for truck drivers. So Ford Trucks has developed this innovative technology to help truckers drive more safely.At first glance the Safecap looks like a common cap, but comes equipped with sensors that can interpret the driver’s head movements and alert him to the fact that he is drowsy or falling asleep while driving.The alert is made by three types of signals: vibratory, visual and sound, directing the driver to make a rest stop before hitting the road again.The first step in the creation of the accessory was to carry out a study to identify the movements of the truck driver related to his normal work routine and those that indicate sleep. This database was then transferred to a software installed in the cap, which works connected to an accelerometer and a gyroscope to identify each type of situation.The launch of SafeCap took place during the opening of FENATRAN 2017, the largest international truck fair in Latin America. And became news in more than 40 countries.In the second half of 2018, the Safe Cap can be bought online and at Ford Truck dealers.