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Agência: Wunderman BA
Anunciante: Cencosud

Diretor de criação: Sebastian Tarazaga / Dany Minaker

Produtor da agência: Laura Martinez

Redator:: Dario Ventura

Atendimento: Maria Jose Cruces

Outros créditos: Agency: Wunderman Buenos AiresAdvertiser: Tarjeta Cencosud Product: Financial HackGeneral Creative Directors: Sebastian Tarazaga / Dany MinakerCreative Directors: Damian Lavandera / Dario VenturaProduction Manager: Laura MartinezProduction: Josefina EspilHead of Strategy: Matilde Yvert RankinManaging Director: Victoria ColeAccounts Group Director: Mercedes CoresAccounts Executive: Maria José CrucesHead of PR: Daniela TucciMusic Band: Swing MusicProduction Company: Gloria Films / CheccoDirector: Federico GianottiExecutive Producer: Fabian Zayat / Juanse GuzzoEditor: Nicolás Victoriano3d Animator and Ilustrator: Gabriel MontesClient’s representatives: Analia Riganti / Jessica Villareal

Sinopse: Credit limit is based on people’s income, their assets and risk level. In South America, the informal labor rate is high, making it hard for people to have the documentation needed to upgrade their credit limit.This system usually benefits the ones who have more.Tarjeta Cencosud, one of the most important credit cards in Argentina, wanted to make the financial system more humane.Our insight was that a financially charitable person is a financially responsible person. Our strategy was to leverage this insight to increase the credit limit of deserving Tarjeta Cencosud card holders.That’s why we hacked the formula that determined people’s credit limit and added a new variable to it: generosityTo test the insight, Tarjeta Cecosud partnered with one of the most recognized NGOs in South America, Techo, which has multiple initiatives to fight poverty. We launched an online platform where Tarjeta Cencosud credit card holders can donate directly to Techo to automatically upgrade their credit limit. The launch was communicated on card holders monthly statements, Tarjeta Cencosud’s website and a video in our social networks.As soon as it was launched, donations started to flow and credit limits were upgraded. Due to the immediate success, the platform will remain active indefinitely and Tarjeta Cencosud is working to partner with other NGOs.In just a year after the launch, Techo used the Tarjeta Cencosud donations to build more than 200 houses for those in need. Additionally, 99% of clients who received an upgrade on their credit limit, paid the total amount of their balance on time unlike a 78% of the clients who upgraded without donating. We increased brand sentiment and created a successful financial system that rewards those who give more.

Designer: Damian Lavandera


Diretor de Arte: Damian Lavandera

Produtora: Gloria Films / Checco

Diretor: Federico Gianotti