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Aplazado hasta 2022

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Título: Vote your way
Agência: Interaction
Anunciante: Burger King Costa Rica

Diretor de criação: Néstor Villalobos

Produtor da agência: Erick Varen

Redator:: Rafael Rivera

Atendimento: Karla Artavia

Outros créditos: Erick Apuy – General Manager / Pablo Castillo – General Creative Director / Larissa Rodríguez – Account Director / Juan Carlos Ramos – Art Director / Eduardo Sánchez – Content Director / Michelle Choe – Content Creative

Sinopse: The political weather was complicated in Costa Rica, politicians were preaching hate instead of ideas, taking extremely dangerous positions towards topics such as LGTBI rights and religion. People also took their own positions and copied politicians behavior spreading hate all over social networks. So we needed an action that flooded the media, showing people that politicians actually don’t hate each others, and that if even they could share a meal in their must busy moment of the campaign, common people can get along too. So, Burger King invited Costa Rican 13 presidential candidates to share a meal in peace and democracy.Our action gather more politicians together before the public eye, than broadcasted debates.

Designer: Fabián Bolaños

Produtora: Paula Fernández